A closeup of a person holding a screwdriver.
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Your Screwdriver Handles May Have This Genius (And Very Useful) Design Feature
A TikTok by user @sandra.maria.home has revealed that screwdrivers molded with ridges are actually designed to fit within the hex socket of a torque wrench.
With the screwdriver inserted into the wrench, you get more torque behind each twist and can more easily work stubborn screws without the risk of stripping them.
This hack can help minimize headaches and cramping hands and is a great way to save time and effort. However, it's not a universal fix you should jump into without hesitation.
In the video, you'll notice that the screwdriver still wobbles a little when inserted into the socket. That's because not all screwdrivers are meant to be used in this fashion.
If you’re running into stiff screws often, you may want to consider springing for an impact driver, or for a more cost-effective solution, consider an electric screwdriver.