"Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada - August 20, 2008: A 1990's era Pontiac Fiero sports car parked by the grass in front of a lake at a local car gathering on a summer's evening in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada"
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You'd Be Surprised How Much A Nice Pontiac Fiero Is Worth Today
There hasn't been anything quite like the American mid-engine sportscar, the Fiero, since its first production almost 40 years ago. The Pontiac Fiero seemed to be a combination of different GM parts placed inside a compact sportscar, and while the short-lived car was considered a weird failure, others saw it as a potential investment.
Several Fiero auctions in the past few years surprised everyone with the hefty amounts the cars have been selling for. Last year, a practically new 1988 Fiero GT with 417 miles on the odometer went for $32,750, and another Fiero with 108 miles sold for $30,000 two years ago.
However, Fiero prices have not always been this way; a nicely preserved 1987 Fiero GT sold for less than $5,000 in 2016. These new prices at auctions may be the result of the growing popularity of 1980s nostalgia, or it could be a new group of fans recognizing the car for the automotive oddity that it is.