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Why Your Android Phone Is Slow And What You Need To Do To Fix It
As smartphones age, they begin to slow down and struggle with basic tasks like running apps or browsing the internet, and Androids are no exception. While there is nothing you can do to prevent your devices from aging, there are some fixes you can try for a slow phone before taking it in for professional help.
You might not be aware of the multiple processes occurring inside Android smartphones at any given time, from constant allocation and reallocation of the available memory to executing apps. When these processes or the heavily used hardware components don’t work properly, you face bugs, glitches, and performance issues that can slow down your phone.
One common problem affecting your Android’s performance is storage space, as smartphones need enough RAM to handle almost any task. You can fix this issue by opening the Recent Apps section and closing all the apps, then going into the Settings app and locating the Storage option to delete old apps, and finally, heading to the file manager to remove junk files before restarting your device.
Your smartphone uses animations for things like opening or closing apps to make the user interface smooth, but these can be hefty tasks as your phone ages and may need to be adjusted. First, enable Developer Settings by heading into Settings > About Phone and tapping Build Number seven times. Then, go to System Menu in Settings > Developer Options > Drawing to edit the animation settings.
If your Android phone slows down immediately after opening a particular app, you may need to clear its cache. If there aren’t any improvements, check the Play Store for app updates, uninstall and reinstall the app, and check for device updates in Settings > System Update.
Since Android runs on open-source code and allows users to download third-party apps, their smartphones are more vulnerable to malware and security threats. Try downloading an anti-virus app on your phone to remove any malware; if your phone is still experiencing sluggishness you believe is caused by the malware, check the hardware for any potential problems before trying a factory reset.