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Why This New Generation Of DeLorean Is Such A Big Deal
Perhaps best known for the DMC DeLorean in “Back to the Future,” John DeLorean’s eponymous car company fell into trouble and filed for bankruptcy in 1984, but the brand was recently resurrected by the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company. Having acquired the trademarks to the DeLorean name, the automaker has created a four-seat Alpha 5 car.
Now, John DeLorean's daughter Kat is starting her own company, DeLorean Next-Generation Motors (DNG Motors). Kat DeLorean's new venture is just building its foundations, but she already has expressed her disapproval of the other DeLorean company, saying, "DMC is not 40 years old and not associated with the DeLorean Family or my father's ongoing legacy."
DNG Motors aims to build a sports car called the Model-JZD, named in tribute to John Z. DeLorean. On her Instagram, Kat DeLorean said that the company’s goal isn’t about making money, posting, “These cars will fund dreams, your dreams, your children's dreams [sic]. The more success we find with our model JZD the more engineering programs and parks we fund."