Black Dodge Dakota on the road
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Why Dodge Really Discontinued Their Dakota Pickup Truck
Dodge’s parent company, Chrysler, discontinued the Dakota in 2011. The manufacturer did not officially explain why it made the decision or whether the line would ever return.
While no stated reason was ever provided, evidence suggests multiple reasons. The main cause seems to have been the waning popularity of midsize pickup trucks in the U.S.
Unlike the full-sized Ram, the Dakota was conceived in the 80s as a midsize truck with a more affordable price. Despite the competition, the Dakota sold well in its early days.
Unfortunately, sales of the Dodge Dakota dropped dramatically as the 21st century progressed. Over 154,000 were sold in 2001, but only 12,156 were sold in 2011.
Meanwhile, the sale of full-sized trucks has been growing over the years. Midsize trucks are rare to see on the road in 2024, but they could see a revival in the future.