A Jasper employee working on an engine
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What You Need To Know About Jasper Remanufactured Engines & Transmissions
Those looking to buy a remanufactured engine have likely come across Jasper Engines and Transmissions during their search and have been curious about the company.
Founded in 1942 by Ford dealer Alvin Ruxer in Jasper, Indiana, the company began remanufacturing engines. Later, in 1957, they also began remanufacturing transmissions.
In 1989, Jasper became the sponsor of NASCAR driver Ken Ragan and continues to make engines and transmissions for Cup and Nationwide series cars.
The company has grown since its early days, now offering services such as remanufacturing transfer cases and differentials for hundreds of vehicles and inboard marine engines.
Most of Jasper's marine products have a two-year warranty. Other products, such as its consumer-grade engines and transmissions, enjoy three years and 100,000 miles of coverage.