Motorcyclist riding a Kawasaki Ninja e-1
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What To Know About The Kawasaki Ninja E-1 Motorcycle
Kawasaki has used its Ninja line of motorcycles to hop on the electric vehicle bandwagon with the Ninja e-1, the fully electric motorcycle.
Kawasaki is trying to make the bike as appealing as possible to both new and returning customers with its competitive price tag of $7,899.
The Ninja e-1's range is approximately 41 miles, so this will not be a good bike to take on long rides. The e-1 is perfect if you want something to ride around the city with.
It tops out at 65 mph in ROAD mode with e-boost and drops to 47 mph with e-boost while in ECO mode. Charging up from a dead battery takes about 3.7 hours to go from nothing to 100%.