White VW Beetle with blue and red stripes
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What To Consider Before Buying A Classic Volkswagen Beetle
Before buying, think about how old you want your Beetle to be. Beetles from the '50s and '60s have a classic look, but they can be expensive and hard to fix.
Next, think about what you want to do with your Beetle and if you want one that’s ready-to-drive or one you can work on. Projects need work but can be a good deal.
Old Beetles often have rust problems, so check the lower parts of the doors, wings, bonnet, and lid. Also, fixing rust on the main body or floor of the Beetle is a big deal.
If you see a little rust, there's probably a lot more you can't see. Fixing a rusty Beetle can cost more than the car is worth, so look for Beetles from dry places or collectors.
Beetles have simple engines, but they can leak oil, so watch for oil leaks under the car. Always check how strong the engine is by doing a compression test.
The Beetle's gearbox is costly to fix, so change gears a lot while test driving to see if it works. Also, see if the brake pedal feels too soft or if the car shakes when stopping.