Baby blue 1958 VW Beetle
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We'd Never Want To Drive These Terrible Custom Celebrity Cars
While John Cena’s InCENArator has faux-futuristic bodywork and blingy wrap, underneath it’s just an underpowered Corvette C4. The interior is reportedly stock, too.'s Beetle
This $900,000 car is based on a 1958 VW Beetle and took four years to make. It takes inspiration from many other cars, making for a strange end result.
Kim K’s Lambo
Kim Kardashian’s Lamborghini Urus was covered in furry material to promote her clothing line Skims. It isn’t clear if it’s driveable, but Kim was happy with it.
6ix9ine's Lambo
Rapper 6ix9ine's Aventador is a top-spec SVJ that boasts 759 horsepower, but the yellow design covered in multicolored paint splatters is a bit niche.
Bieber's Fortwo
Justin Bieber's custom Smart Fortwo features a matte black wrap, custom black wheels, and a custom logo that reads "Swag Car" instead of the usual "Smart car."