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This Robot Chef Has An Electric Tongue To Taste Your Food
Using robots to help in restaurant kitchens is not new; they automate repetitive tasks that take up lots of time, which human chefs could use for more challenging work. As reported by CNBC, several chain eateries, like Chipotle and Wing Zone, are now partnering with Miso Robotics to use robots in their restaurants.
Because of this, researchers want to make more helpful robot chefs, and scientists from Cambridge have created a robot arm that can taste salt in food accurately. Because taste changes as we chew, this is a process that researchers have not been able to replicate in a robot until now.
Apart from determining if food is too salty, the robot can also tell if other ingredients are needed or how the dish should be cooked. It's a huge step in creating robot chefs and paves the way for a future where even more aspects of taste could be tested by robots, such as sweetness, sourness, or oiliness (via The Guardian).