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This Raspberry Pi Project Will Automate Your Entire House
Smart home gadgets are often expensive. However, if you're a DIY enthusiast, you can save money with this nifty home automation project involving Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
The Uber Home Automation project is fully equipped with multiple sensors to detect light, motion, audio, temperature, humidity, smoke, gas, fire, water leaks, and more.
The Arduino microcontroller is where all the sensors are connected. The Raspberry Pi is responsible for analyzing the data, notifying the user, and powering the mobile interface.
Each sensor used in the Uber Home only ranges from $2 to $14, and the required Raspberry Pi and Arduino are priced at about $35 and $20, bringing the total cost to about $120.
This project is also highly customizable. You can tailor it to your needs by adding or removing sensors, allowing you to create a system that truly fits your lifestyle.
Basic soldering skills and familiarity with Raspberry Pi are necessary for this project. You can substitute any Windows or Mac computer for the Pi, but this will take more power.