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These Are The Rarest Nintendo Switch Games Of All Time
Heaven’s Machine
Super Rare Games’ indie title "Heaven’s Machine" saw players taking the role of explorer Jack aboard a procedurally generated cosmic train heading to heaven.
Unlike some of Super Rare’s other games, "Heaven’s Machine" will never be released in the eShop, and only 2,000 physical copies were produced.
Human: Fall Flat
"Human: Fall Flat" is a rare game in which players do precisely what the title claims: They control an amorphous blob person who falls flat a lot.
Only 5,000 copies were produced, which included a vinyl soundtrack, trading cards, and stickers. The game’s sole print run is sold out, but used copies go for $90 on upward.
The Flame
Another title from Super Rare Games, "The Flame in the Flood," follows a survivor and her dog as they travel across a post-apocalyptic land.
The game is available on the eShop for $14.99, but physical copies were limited to 5,000, which went on sale in April 2018. Used copies go for $130 or more.
"Evoland Legendary Edition" takes you through the history and evolution of video game design throughout its story, switching from 2D to 3D and 8-bit to 16-bit.
Only 5,000 physical copies of the "Evoland Legendary Edition" were released. Buying a physical copy could cost you hundreds of dollars.
Taking players on a stylized journey through untouched wilds, "Shelter Generations" follows a mother lynx hunting for food and protecting her offspring.
Super Rare Games produced a limited run of 3,000 copies. The game sold out, and its limited availability has pushed the secondary market price up to $150 and beyond.