A frustrated person next to a broke down motorcycle
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These Are The Least Reliable Motorcycles Ever Made
1980 Sportster 1000
The 1980 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1000 was plagued with reliability and build quality issues, often exacerbated by questionable design choices.
Its starter motor was notoriously unreliable and would fail to turn the engine over, forcing many riders to either wait for help on the side of the road or bump-start their bikes.
2018 Duke 790
While KTM is generally a trusted brand in the motorcycle industry with its great off-road and adventure bikes, the Duke 790 suffered several production problems.
These issues, including coolant and oil leaks, were most prevalent with the earlier releases. If left unchecked, both could lead to overheating or engine failure.
1986 Paso 750
First introduced in 1986, the Ducati Paso 750 had revolutionary design features. Unfortunately, these caused major reliability problems on the road.
Due to its rear cylinder head placement and the fuel pump needed, the Weber dual-throat carburetor would flood at low speeds, causing it to stall often in urban areas.