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These Are The Best (And Worst) Gaming Mouse Brands, Ranked
10. Glorious
Formed in 2014 to bring affordable, high-performing gaming peripherals to a market dominated by a few major names, Glorious Gaming has since become a key player.
Its success is in no small part thanks to its range of lightweight gaming mice, like its $50 Model O. The mouse provides gamers with everything they could want for a low price.
9. Roccat
Roccat first broke ground in 2007 with its Valo gaming keyboard. It also showed off the first Kone gaming mouse with features like an adjustable weight system.
The company continued to innovate and create mice like the Pyra Wireless. In 2019, Roccat was acquired by Turtle Beach to become its official PC gaming accessories brand.
8. HyperX
The long-established, dependable mid-tier company HyperX is known for its affordable, quality gaming devices. In 2021, HP bought HyperX for $425 million.
Since the purchase, HyperX has continued releasing affordable, competitive gaming mice like the ultralight Pulsefire Haste mouse.
7. SteelSeries
Since its beginning in 2001, SteelSeries has grown alongside the rising popularity of esports and was the first company to sponsor an individual esports pro in 2011.
The company's gaming mice use advanced features, including TrueMove sensors. SteelSeries has also tried to keep its prices down, with many having affordable price tags.
6. Corsair
Corsair offers 22 wireless and wired gaming mice. The company is a favorite among gamers with larger hands, as many designs are chunky and comfortable.
MMO or MOBA players may also like the Scimitar mouse as it has a side grid of additional buttons, while FPS players may like the lightweight models.