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The Best Free Streaming Apps For Your Amazon Fire Stick
Formally known as IMDB TV, FreeVee offers a vast library of content, including older shows and new original content developed by the service.
Freevee also has several categories of Live content. These channels feature commercial breaks like broadcast TV and are dedicated to a specific topic, such as home improvement.
Tubi may have started as a sort of Netflix clone with ads, but the platform has evolved and now features a large live TV category and improved interface.
Like most free streaming services, Tubi doesn’t get the latest content, but the platform will likely include some movies and TV shows you recognize.
Roku TV
While you may be under the impression you need a Roku device to access Roku TV, the streaming platform is free and available for your Fire Stick.
Roku TV offers movies, TV shows, live channels, and original content in its free offerings. The service also constantly rotates its content, so you never know what you’ll find.