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The 5G Setting You Need To Turn Off On Your New iPhone
Starting with the iPhone 12, 5G has become a standard offering for Apple smartphones. Most consumers understand that 5G data equals faster speeds and a more reliable internet connection, but may not know that 5G isn't available everywhere, and even where it is, service varies. If 5G service is important to you, here are several adjustments to consider.
You may want to disable 5G, especially if you’ve bought an expensive new iPhone with high expectations, only to be disappointed that you don’t have 5G coverage in your area. Cellular providers are working to blanket the nation with 5G coverage, but it's currently limited mostly to metropolitan areas, and even within those areas, there are different levels of access.
Most 5G phones can switch between 4G and 5G depending on coverage availability, but this can deplete your iPhone's battery as it's constantly scanning. To preserve your battery, you can force your iPhone to stay on 4G LTE through an easy process: Open the Settings app, navigate to Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Voice & Data, and tap the LTE option.
You’ll also need to manage your data plan; even if you have unlimited data you may experience a temporary slowdown when the network is congested or if you go over your high-speed data limit. Thankfully, you also have an option that will allow more data on 5G: Open the Settings app, and navigate to Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Data Mode.