1967 Pontiac Firebird
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The 1967 Pontiac Firebird Had This Engine Under The Hood & This Is How Much HP It Had
The standard ‘67 Firebird engine was a 230 cubic inch (3.8 Liters) inline six-cylinder with a single overhead cam (SOHC) putting out 165 HP with a single one-barrel carburetor.
The upgraded version, the W53 "Sprint," was another SOHC six with 215 horsepower, thanks to a hotter cam, high-compression pistons, dual exhausts, and a four-barrel carburetor.
The next step up was a 326 cubic inch (5.3 Liters) V8 engine. The two-barrel carburetor version, known as the L30, had 250 horsepower.
A higher-output version, the L76, was called the 326 HO (High Output). It had a four-barrel carburetor, higher compression, dual exhaust, and was rated at 285 horsepower.
A bigger block V8 of 400 cubic inches (6.6 Liters), was available in two versions: the W66 and the L67 Ram Air. The W66 came with a two-barrel carburetor and 285 horsepower.
The range-topping L67 Ram Air boasted a four-barrel carburetor; its output was 325 horsepower. Rarest of all was the 400 Ram Air, with only 65 made.