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The 13 Best Motorcycles Ever Made By Honda
CR250M Elsinore
With the dirt bikes growing in popularity during the 1960s, Honda released several models. Among the many great bikes Honda produced was the CR250M Elsinore.
The dirtbike excelled due to it being user-friendly, comfortable, and well-built. The CR250M Elsinore’s high-quality materials would set benchmarks for other manufacturers.
Super Cub
Honda’s Super Cub, or C50 in the U.S., saw a boom in popularity and sales after the company employed the "Nicest People" ad campaign.
The Super Cub is still one of Honda’s most popular products, sold and used as many people’s primary mode of transportation worldwide.
V45 Interceptor
The 1980s saw the production of techno-futuristic-looking motorcycles that would dominate the decade. One of the best examples is Honda’s V45 Interceptor.
The bike benefitted from Honda’s racing program. Although the 1983 model couldn’t match today’s motorcycles, it still performs well and has a tight-handling package.
Gold Wing
First introduced in 1975, Honda’s Gold Wing has dominated the market for luxury touring bikes for decades, with the bike getting significant improvements over the years.
Some of these improvements include ABS braking, an electric reverse gear, an audio system with an integrated intercom, and an airbag.
Honda has worked to create the GROM, a fun, toy-like, and affordable bike perfect for city dwellers who rarely need to hit the open road or travel above 40 mph.
Honda first released the bike in 2014 at $2,999. The current model is powered by a 125cc engine with a 5-speed transmission, and its price has only increased by $300.