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Ranking The Biggest V8 Engines General Motors Has Ever Made
7.4-Liter LSX454 V8
The 7.4-liter LSX454 V8 is a modern interpretation of the iconic 454 big block. The engine can be modified to increase its power output.
With the single-plane carbureted intake manifold, the LSX454 produces an impressive 627 hp and 586 lb-ft of torque, which is comparable to the 9.4-liter ZZ572 engine.
ZZ454 V8
General Motors' ZZ454 is a V8 crate engine boasting 7.4 liters of displacement and comes in two variations: the 454 HO and ZZ454/440.
The ZZ454 can handle some performance upgrades, including aluminum cylinder heads, a crank pulley, and a supercharger, which can help bump the performance to over 700 hp.
Pontiac 455 V8
First introduced in the '70s, the 7.5-liter Pontiac 455 V8 would be used in many of the company’s models, such as the Grand Prix and Firebird.
Unfortunately, like most V8 engines of the era, the 455 V8’s performance dwindled over the years as more stringent emissions requirements became established.
Oldsmobile 455 V8
While Oldsmobile became overshadowed by other GM brands like Pontiac and Chevrolet, it produced one of the mightiest V8 engines of the '60s, the 455 V8.
The 455 V8 was a second-generation design, succeeding the original Rocket engine. Due to variant designs, its output was between 310 to 400 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.
Cadillac 472 V8
Cadillac’s 7.7-liter 472 V8 engine boasted smooth, reliable power and advanced casting techniques. Unlike its predecessor, the 429, the 472 was easier to maintain.
Like most large displacement V8s of the '70s, the 472 V8 had a short lifespan, powering vehicles up to 1974. By this time, its performance had reduced.