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Ranking The Biggest PC Brands On The Market Today
9. MSI
MSI makes gaming monitors, and while its Oculux series has high-speed refresh rates, it comes at the expense of advanced picture quality settings and extended color gamuts.
MSI's displays also tend to be more bare-bones regarding extra features. Many lack the built-in speakers and USB ports that are standard features for other displays.
8. Gigabyte
Gigabyte offers quality displays under its own name and the Aorus brand. Like MSI, Aorus focuses on speedy refresh rates at the expense of other important features.
The standard lineup of Gigabyte-branded M Series monitors is more well-rounded. It includes a KVM switch that lets you switch between sources, such as your laptop and gaming PC.
7. ViewSonic
ViewSonic makes some of the most budget-friendly monitors. Their Omni models are versatile and offer a fast enough refresh rate to satisfy most gamers.
The company also offers a higher-end gaming lineup through its Elite series. These have fast refresh rates and good color quality but are overkill for everyday use.
6. HP
HP's monitors are focused primarily on getting work done. While their higher-end models don't provide outstanding value, the more affordable ones are reliable workhorses.
HP offers unique options for a home office and some solid monitors for creatives with good contrast ratios and color accuracy.
5. Asus
Asus is best known for its Republic of Gamers (ROG) product line, but its TUF Gaming series is more affordable and provides better value for budget gamers.
Asus also has the ProArt series, which offers a great lineup of displays for creatives. These affordable options deliver good color accuracy for photo editing and animation.