A B-17 Flying Fortress
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Ranking The 10 Most Legendary Planes From WW2
Ilyushin Il-2
The Ilyushin Il-2 was a single-engine monoplane that was given the nicknames the "Hunchback" for its bulbous cockpit and "Flying Tank" for its heavy armor.
The Ilyushin Il-2 was instrumental, proving itself at the Battles of Kursk and Stalingrad. It ultimately helped the Allies claim victory on the Eastern Front.
Junkers Ju 87
One of the most sinister aircraft of World War II, the Junkers Ju 87, was a dive bomber notable for its shallow V-shaped wings and its high-pitched diving whine.
Also known as the Stuka, the plane consistently proved its worth as the most effective dive bomber in the German fleet and participated in events like the Battle of Britain.
P-51D Mustang
The P-51D Mustang is an icon in the U.S. military. It proved invaluable by providing air support to heavy bombers like the B17 Flying Fortresses.
While it debuted late in the war in early 1944, it saw considerable action and was responsible for destroying 17% of the Luftwaffe fighter fleet.
A6M Zero
The Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero was incredibly nimble, well-equipped, and lightweight. It devastated the U.S. Navy during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Zero quickly gained a reputation among the deadliest aircraft as the United States immediately declared war on Japan.
Junkers Ju 88
Initially intended to be a fast bomber, the Junkers Ju 88 proved far more versatile and capable of other roles due to its high speed and exceptional handling.
With its versatility and adaptability, the Junkers Ju 88 saw action in the Mediterranean, on the Eastern Front, and over the Atlantic, where it supported U-boats from above.