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Ranking Major Spark Plug Brands Worst To Best
Searching for spark plugs on Amazon will undoubtedly bring you to the unpronounceable brand that only has a few mixed reviews, Autowxjq.
The listing itself has some red flags, as the ad is riddled with the spelling errors and grammatical imperfections one expects from a poorly translated website or product flier.
Accel is primarily marketed for racing applications or those looking to upgrade classic vehicles. It promotes the benefits of copper spark plugs over iridium ones.
Although Accel has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, one reviewer pointed out that these copper plugs only last about half as long as their platinum or iridium counterparts.
It’s highly recommended to replace spark plugs with the same brand the automotive manufacturer uses. In Ford’s case, that would be Motorcraft.
Motorcraft backs its plugs with a two-year warranty that includes labor costs and unlimited mileage, maintaining a 4.7 Amazon star rating on their most popular offerings.
AC Delco
Another manufacturer-backed parts company, AC Delco’s spark plugs are well-regarded for the same reasons as Motorcraft, but for General Motors’ engines.
AC Delco manufactures OEM plugs for many makes and models, from the Cadillac Escalade to the GMC Sierra, and holds a 4.5-star review on Amazon.
Autolite has a long history and is now known for its aftermarket spark plugs, manufacturing products for everything from race cars to riding mowers.
Autolite plugs are some of the best-rated and reviewed, with Amazon carrying low-cost four-packs of different sizes and types, like the popular Iridium XP.