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Ranking Every Major Electric Vehicle Brand From Worst To Best
14. Few Offerings
Whether a brand is just starting to enter the EV market or decided to perfect a single model in its lineup, many brands currently only have one EV for sale.
These EV models include the Polestar 2, the Mini Electric, Honda's Prologue, Mazda's MX-30 EV, and Jaguar's I-PACE.
13. Toyota
The Toyota EV platform has fallen behind its rivals, offering a limited lineup of electric vehicles: the bZ4X SUV and hydrogen-powered Mirai.
Shortly after the 2023 bZ4X launched, Toyota had to recall 2,700 vehicles and stop production because of various issues, including poor airbag installation.
12. Audi
Audi's EV lineup includes four SUV models and one sedan model. The 2023 Q4 e-tron is the brand's best-value EV, starting at $49,800 with a range of up to 265 miles.
Their interiors and other smart features add to the lineup's attractiveness. For some, paying more for these luxuries and getting less range than other EVs could be worth it.
11. Volvo
Although Volvo offers dependable electric vehicles — the C40 Recharge, EX30, and XC40 Recharge — there are better EVs with a longer range.
Volvo's EVs may have a lower price-to-range value than other brands, but the company signed a deal with Tesla that gives drivers access to Tesla's Supercharger network.
10. Volkswagen
While Volkswagen only offers the ID.4 EV SUV, the automaker plans to expand its lineup with the Microbus model ID. Buzz and a sedan model ID.7.
There have been relatively few recalls for Volkswagen's EVs, with the most recent one involving over 20,000 vehicles due to a software problem in its 2021 ID.4 EVs.