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Ranking Every Major Chainsaw Brand Currently On The Market
12. Poulan Pro
The Poulan Saw Company’s Poulan Pro offers a limited range of three gas-powered chainsaws with 20-inch, 18-inch, or 16-inch bar lengths.
Unfortunately, the Poulan Pro didn’t perform well in the Consumer Reports’ gas-powered and lighter-duty gasoline survey categories and was not recommended.
11. Oregon
Oregon is currently a world leader in saw chains, guide bars, and sprocket sales, but its current chainsaw range is limited to a few electric models, like the CS1200.
Despite its favorable reputation, Oregon ranks lower on our list due to its small selection of products with relatively limited scope for work beyond the backyard.
10. Black & Decker
Veteran brand Black & Decker offers mostly battery-powered chainsaws and a few corded options. These models are limited to bar lengths between 10 and 18 inches.
Its small battery-powered range is great for less labor-intensive woodcutting tasks but the brand has received some poor feedback concerning user satisfaction for long-term use.
9. Ryobi
Ryobi has an extensive range of products to cater to every requirement. Their regular chainsaws have guide bar lengths between 10 and 20 inches.
However, their corded chainsaw and other gas-powered models performed poorly, suggesting that Ryobi falls short regarding build quality and usability across parts of its range.
8. Craftsman
Craftsman boasts an impressive range, with several corded, battery-powered, and gas-powered chainsaws spanning multiple sizes and applications.
The brand’s gas-powered options fared poorly in owner satisfaction ratings, but its battery-powered units scored highly.