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Makita Products That Aren't Tools, But Are Extremely Useful
Fan Jacket
Retailing anywhere between $140 to $248 (depending on size), the Makita Cordless Fan Jacket can help keep you cool while you're working.
It has three airflow modes plus a turbo mode for quick cooling. According to an Amazon customer review, the white is great at reflecting the sun, keeping you cool.
Demolition Gloves
The Makita Advanced ANSI 2 Impact-Rated Demolition Gloves have a tier rating for both protection and abrasion, making them perfect for heavy-duty projects.
These $30 gloves are ANSI impact-rated level two and ANSI abrasion-rated level three. Unfortunately, they don't come with any warranty.
Robotic Vacuum
While Consumer Reports states that a robotic vacuum can't hold up to the traditional upright vacuum, the Makita Brushless Cordless Robotic Vacuum has its uses.
Pro Tool Reviews reports it has features like a cliff and ultrasonic sensor. However, it's not a cheap investment, as the vacuum costs $1,550 without the kit and $1,830 with it.