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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Roku Device
Free Content
There are several free Roku channels that you can download and install on your streaming
device that don’t require a subscription or fee to access.
At the forefront is The Roku Channel, the streaming platform’s hub of free and premium titles. Other channels may require a subscription, but some offer free trials.
What To Watch
As its name implies, the What To Watch feature lets you get personalized recommendations on what to stream next on your Roku device.
The feature picks from all your installed channels and curates a list. You can also search for any show or movie you haven’t seen yet and add them to your Save List.
Rearrange Apps
You can organize the channels on your Roku device by pressing the Home button on the remote, hitting the “*” on the app you want to move, and selecting “Move App.”
Use the directional pad to move it and press “OK.” You can also remove menu options by going into Settings, Home Screen, and checking the Hide option for each one you don’t want.
Photo Frame
Rather than using a basic screensaver, you can have your Roku device stream a personalized photo slideshow you put together.
Upload images into the Roku Photo Streams portal through your computer or the Roku app and create a photo stream or album. Then, assign it as a screensaver on your Roku device.
Voice Commands
Most of the newer Roku TVs and streaming players have a remote equipped with a microphone, allowing users to use voice controls instead of pressing many buttons.
You can use the microphone for commands such as “launch” and “search for” on the Roku home screen. You can also use commands like “rewind” or “pause” while watching a video.
Roku App
Installing the Roku app on your mobile device offers many advantages, such as connecting your smartphone to your Roku player and using it as a remote.
It also has an easy-to-navigate search page and voice command features. Additionally, you can upload images for Roku Photo Streams that can be used as a screensaver on your device.