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How To Disable Netflix’s ‘Are You Still Watching’ Feature
Some people have found solutions to bypass Netflix's annoying "Are You Still Watching?" prompt — though some are more effective than others.
Enabling autoplay is the easiest and most straightforward option of disabling the prompt. You can do this in the Playback settings menu of your user profile.
With this feature enabled, Netflix will automatically play the next episode in a series, meaning you won't have to deal with the prompt appearing every three episodes.
You can do the same thing on the mobile app under your profile settings. You may need to sign out and back in for this feature to be activated on all your devices.
If you tend to watch Netflix in a desktop browser, you can download the Never Ending Netflix Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store and tell it not to prompt you.
There are also Firefox browser extensions designed to work with Netflix, the most popular being BingeFlix. It enables autoplay and automatically skips show intros.