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How To Copy And Paste On Android Phones
Launching a year after the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, or HTC Dream, was the first phone to debut the Android operating system and came with quite a few advantages, such as the copy and paste function. This Android staple has changed little since the operating system’s debut in 2008 and remains just as simple to do now as it was then.
To copy and paste text:

1. Double-tap or press and hold on the text to activate the Android selection tool.

2. Move the blue bubbles that appeared to choose what to save and tap “Copy.”

3. Go to where you want to paste and long-press in the text field, then tap “Paste.”
Your Android device can also copy text from images just as simply. To copy an image’s text:

1. Select the image from Google Photos and tap the Lens icon from the options toward the bottom of the display.

2. After it highlights all the selectable text, choose what to save by using the previous method and tap “Copy Text.”
The steps to copy a website’s URL are just as simple:

1. Tap the address bar and press the copy icon, which looks like two overlapping squares.

2. After receiving a confirmation message, tap and hold on a text field to see the “Paste” option.