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How To Boost The Internet Speed On Your Android Phone
Airplane Mode
Toggling airplane mode on and off can enhance your internet signal. This is because your phone continuously connects to different cell towers in the vicinity.
In instances when your Android smartphone fails to connect to a nearby cell tower, the simple act of toggling your airplane mode on and off can enhance the speed.
Clear Cache
Excessive cached web data can result in slower internet. To clear the cache, press and hold the browser icon, select application information, and tap on clear data.
Having an excessive number of active browser tabs and apps could also reduce device performance. Try closing these apps and tabs to see if your internet speeds improve.
APN settings are typically set on your device once you insert the SIM card, but in rare cases, these settings might fail to configure correctly and slow your internet.
You can also try resetting your network settings. Simply open settings, tap system, tap reset options, choose Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth, and tap reset.
Data Saving
Data saving mode sometimes proves beneficial, while other times it slows the internet. To disable it, search for Data in your settings and tap the Data Saving button.