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High-End Audio Tech You Should Never Waste Your Money On
Donda Stem Player
Kanye West’s Donda Stem Player lets users mix tracks of individual songs and play around with the final mix using the LED lights as volume sliders.
However, its only interface is four bars of colored LED lights and a central button and has no screen that tells you what you are doing. At $200, it's quite a rip-off.
Expensive Cables
While cables are important for a nice audio system, there is a limit to how much difference the type of cable actually makes in sound quality.
According to experts via Gear Patrol, there is little reason to buy the more expensive cables and wires, as the difference in sound quality is negligible.
Bose is an innovative company with a long history. However, some audiophiles feel that its products aren’t up to par with its competition.
According to Geek Musician, there are several reasons that real audiophiles shun Bose, such as how Bose achieves fidelity in sound reproduction and its use of subpar materials.
Beats By Dre
The marketing for Beats by Dre has made the brand exceedingly popular, though the product quality nowhere near matches its $300 price tag.
Beats look cool, but similar headphones from a company like Audio-Technica will give you better sound at a lower price.
Crosley Turntables
While the Crosley brand has been around for a long time, modern Crosley items are a far cry from the original American-made products.
Today, some of the cheapest Chinese-made turntables on the market bear the once proud Crosley name. These turntables will not only disappoint your ears but also ruin your records.