John Newell of John Newell Porsche in Flinders st Surry Hills, with a Porsche 928 S4, similar to a 928 S4 he recently sold for $135,000. The normal price for such a car is $230,000. John Newell has finally decided to get out of selling Porsches, BMW's, and Honda's and will now sell Mazada's. September 12, 1991. (Photo by David porter/Fairfax Media via Getty Images).
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Here's What Happened To The Porsche 928 From 'Risky Business'
The 1983 movie, “Risky Business,” was the first major hit for Tom Cruise that launched his career into the superstardom that he enjoys today. A significant part of the storyline involves Cruise’s character Joel “borrowing” his father’s metallic platinum 928 Porsche when his parents leave town on vacation, though it turns out the car was one of six used for filming and post-production.
None of the Porsches used were the same, boasting different model years, wheels, transmissions, and in some cases, different original colors. While making his documentary “The Quest for the RB928,” Lewis Johnsen discovered production rented the primary 928 from a local stock broker at a rate of $500 per day for 12 days of shooting the driving scenes and final chase.
Johnsen wanted to purchase the primary car, but the private investigator he hired to find it learned the 928 Porsche was shipped out of the country to an unknown foreign buyer. However, Johnson found the second car in Cathedral City, California, where he bought and restored the vehicle and put it on display at Denver’s Forney Museum of Transportation.
In July 2007, it sold for a lower-than-expected $49,200 at Profiles in History’s Hollywood Treasures from the Vault auction. The last known “Risky Business” 928 sold in September 2021 at Barrett-Jackson’s Houston auction house in Houston for $1.98 million, a world-shattering record price for any Porsche, from any year, in any condition.