A pair of solar eclipse glasses being held up to the sun
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Here’s How To Tell If Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Actually Work
Solar eclipse glasses are the most essential item for watching the astronomical event, as they allow you to watch the eclipse directly without damaging your eyes.
Unfortunately, some people take advantage of buyers and sell them fake glasses that can lead to eye damage. Luckily, there are ways to avoid fakes.
It’s best to buy solar eclipse glasses from reputable sources. The American Astronomical Society has compiled a list of safe and reputable solar viewer vendors.
If you’re buying the glasses last minute from a different source, check the body of the glasses to see the manufacturer’s name to ensure they’re from a reputable source.
The AAS has reported that at least two companies have had bad actors try to duplicate their products. You can put glasses through a three-stage test to determine if they are fakes.
First, put on the glasses indoors and look around. You shouldn’t be able to see anything except very bright sources of light, which should appear dim.
Next, use them outside on a sunny day. You should still be unable to see anything around you, except possibly the sun from a reflective surface.
Afterward, look up at the sun for a fraction of a second with the glasses on. You should be able to see the sun, but it should only appear as a round disk with a mild brightness.