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Here’s How Much Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Really Costs Per Day
While Taylor Swift has enough money for her own private jet, a Dassault 7X that went for around $54 million, there are some additional costs the pop icon needs to pay.
The Dassault 7X consumes 385 gallons of fuel an hour. Assuming the fuel price is $5 per gallon, it costs $1,925 to fuel the craft for an hour.
If you combine the fees for maintenance, engine reserves, and miscellaneous expenses, you get a total variable hourly cost of $6,128.
Another expense is the crew, and the annual fixed cost of crew on a Dassault 7X is $818,740 based on 300 hours a year. However, Swift far exceeds 300 hours, according to Weareyard.
Although the total fixed and variable costs of a 300-hour year are $5,273,801 or roughly $14,448.77 per day, Swift pays more as she flies more than 300 hours.