The exterior of a Harbor Freight store.
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Harbor Freight's Bandsaw Saw Mill: What Brand Do They Sell & How Much Does It Cost?
Owning an entire sawmill feels like an exaggerated dream, but it can come true if you visit Harbor Freight's online storefront and get the Central Machinery bandsaw sawmill.
This sawmill is a massive, heavy piece of machinery weighing over 700 lbs and costing $2,499.99. It can, however, be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere relatively quickly.
The cutting mechanism uses a 144-inch-long blade, propelled forward by a 301cc gas-powered engine, cutting through objects at 3,279 FPM.
The rack and mechanism are large enough to accommodate a log up to 20 inches in diameter or a board up to 20 inches in width.
While it's not a full-scale lumber mill, a device like this is still really only intended for professional usage, such as for those with woodworking or tree removal businesses.