Red 2010 Toyota Prius outdoors
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Don’t Buy These Used Toyota Vehicles Under Any Circumstances
2009 Corolla
The 2009 Corolla has been subject to 13 recalls, five of which concern its airbags and two of which involve a stuck throttle. Many cars have not had these issues fixed.
2002 Camry
The 2002 Camry has had more than 1,000 complaints lodged with the NHTSA, including issues with surging acceleration and brake failure that weren't fixed by recalls.
2004 Sienna
This minivan has over 2,000 owner complaints filed with the NHTSA and has been subject to 10 recalls. Defective sliding rear doors and faulty support struts are common.
2007 Prius
Over half of this car’s nearly 2,000 complaints with the NHTSA involve issues with the headlights. Also, one of its four recalls was due to accelerator pedal entrapment.
2005 Corolla
This car has over 900 complaints and 11 recalls (six of which involved airbags) logged with the NHTSA to date. Many were recalled due to a faulty engine control module.