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5 Underrated Apps You Need On Your Amazon Fire TV In 2024
Send files to TV, or SFTTV, does as its name implies: it allows users to send their files to their televisions without needing a hard drive or an external SSD.
The app works on a local network to share videos, photos, and other documents without a working internet connection from various devices.
AirBeam TV
If you need to transfer videos and photos, the AirBeam TV Screen Mirroring app clones your phone’s screen to your television and plays videos with audio.
Unlike transferring files, you don’t need to delete the videos and photos you’ve watched. The app allows you to access not only smartphone screens but also computers.
Flappy Birds Family
Although the viral 2013 game “Flappy Bird” was pulled from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, Amazon Fire TV has brought it back with “Flappy Bird Family.”
You control the bird with the Fire TV remote, navigating even more obstacles than in the original version. The app also features a PvP mode for group play.
Proton VPN
There may be a wide variety of streaming platforms on the Fire TV Stick, but some shows are only available in certain countries. This is where Proton VPN can help.
Proton VPN is a prominent name in the industry and lets you effortlessly unlock content from other countries by tricking the site into thinking you’re in a different region.
Rumble, a live-streaming and video-sharing platform, saw a rise in popularity during the COVID pandemic as an alternative to Twitch.
You can upload and watch videos, similar to YouTube. It may not be for everyone, but it’s great for those engrossed in politics and looking for controversial topics.