A person on a Suzuki Hayabusa
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5 Of The Coolest Looking Motorcycles Ever Built By Suzuki
T20 Super Six
Initially released in the mid-1960s, the Suzuki T20 got its name for its unconventional two-stroke and six-speed transmission, becoming a favorite in racing spheres.
The Super Six features a 76.8-inch body, with its air-cooled two-stroke engine underneath. While it may seem low-tech today, it was once the face of speed and performance.
One of the most well-known Suzuki vehicles on the road, the Hayabusa was originally released in 1999 and has continued to receive updates over the years.
Besides its engine, the Suzuki Hayabusa's most distinctive feature is the prominent "隼" kanji character emblazoned on the side, referring to the Japanese word for "falcon."
Named after the distinctive curved swords wielded by the Japanese samurai, the Katana employs sweeping, slicing curves into nearly every aspect of its design.
Since its 1981 release, the Katana has received multiple updates. The modern version features a fully digital dashboard panel to help give the rider the best experience.