A Harley-Davidson motorcycle parked at the beach
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5 Must-Have Accessories For Any Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Heated Hand Grips
Even if you wear gloves while riding, the wind can feel icy cold while driving at high speeds. One solution is to install a set of Kahuna Heated Hand Grips.
These Kahuna grips are designed using a military-grade resistor and automatically adjust their temperature based on the ambient air.
The Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover from Harley-Davidson is an excellent way to keep your ride shiny and protected from the elements.
It's built using durable polyester and is water-resistant. Heat-resistant panels under the cover help prevent exhaust damage after a long ride.
Security Siren
Riders can use various motorcycle security systems, like chains and wheel locks. However, the Security Siren Kit can provide even greater protection.
It's a plug-and-play tool that you can connect to your ride. A loud alarm will sound if someone tries to steal your bike or mess with it in a way that triggers the factory system.