Hand holding a DeWalt drill
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5 Bizarre DeWalt Tools We Can’t Help But Want
Heat Gun
DeWalt's Heat Gun with LCD Display can tell you exactly the temperature that you're using, making your readings as accurate as they can possibly be.
It comes with a kickstand, an ergonomic grip for better stability, and a compact design. You can buy it for $95.99 on Amazon, with a hard case and accessory kit included.
ToughSystem Radio
This ToughSystem Radio and Battery Charger by DeWalt is built specifically to handle construction sites and other locations where it needs to be well-protected.
It has a hard case, a handle for portability, and is compatible with other ToughSystem products. It even plays AM/FM radio and can connect to your phone through Bluetooth.
Stud Finder
What makes DeWalt's 1-1/2 inch Stud Finder so unique is that, unlike most other stud finders on the market, it will find the center of the stud rather than the edge.
This way, you won't have to estimate the center yourself. It guides you with sound and LEDs, has a slim profile, and detects AC and live wires to prevent accidents.