Android Auto on a car's dashboard
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5 Android Auto Utility Apps That Are Essential To Install
1. Waze
Waze is one of the best alternatives to Google Maps, providing its users with a social approach to navigation where they can report on various conditions like road closures.
This information is updated in real-time, and you can add the reports from the app’s Android Auto version. It prioritizes timeliness and will update the route to help save time.
2. Fuelio
Fuelio is one of the few fuel price-tracking apps that work on Android Auto, allowing users to filter out stations based on the fuel type.
If you’ve traded in your gas-powered car for an EV, you can instead use the ChargePoint app to find charging points operated or maintained by the namesake company.
3. Scanner Radio
Rather than buying expensive radio scanner equipment to listen in on the police’s radio communications, you can use the Scanner Radio app.
The app lets you listen to real-time audio feeds from police, fire departments, and more from countless feeds from several countries. You can set active alerts for major events.
4. Weather & Radar
Checking the weather before any outdoor trip is essential. The Weather & Radar app shows detailed weather maps with a vivid and dynamic representation.
You can also see the weather trends for the next 14 days from many different cities worldwide and get live notifications and constant news updates.
5. Autovaras
Vehicle ownership requires you to keep track of information like vehicle insurance and various on-road taxes. Luckily, Autovaras is here to help.
The app explicitly reminds you when your insurance renewal or vehicular tax submissions are due. Its simplistic interface allows you to set reminders and log your information.