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12 Of Our Favorite Raspberry Pi Projects From 2023
AI systems like ChatGPT operate using Large Language Model (LLM) programs. Some users have learned to run Llama, a GPT-3-like LLM, on a Raspberry Pi.
To do so, you will need to create a voice assistant using something like Nick Bild's VoiceGPT project. It will pass your question to the ChatGPT cloud servers and return an answer.
Introduced at a 2022 Black Hat USA conference, Chasing Your Tail With a Raspberry Pi can help detect signs that you're being followed or otherwise surveilled.
It uses the Kismet software to store the MAC addresses in a database and periodically checks to see if devices show up repeatedly and what specific devices are probing for.
Rather than using a cloud-based security system, the OpenCV smart security camera project notifies you when it detects a person in the video frame.
The software has live face and body recognition and can send an email whenever either is detected. You can also stream the camera's feed through a built-in server.
Password Manager
The Bring Your Own Password Manager project shared by NovaMostra allows you to store your passwords on a physical device using the Vaultwarden program.
After preparing Vaultwarden, your Raspberry Pi will act like a new network and give you access to your data via its USB connection when you connect the device.
Audio Interface
You can use a Raspberry Pi to create a USB audio interface by using Raspberry Pi OS Lite, compiling the Linux kernel for the project, and configuring it.
There's a second project that adds a DAC hat to the Pi and some host system controls, but note that processing digital audio via CamillaDSP will not work on a Pi Zero W.