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10 Harbor Freight Tools You Should Think Twice About Buying
Detail Brush Set
The plastic handles on these brushes often snap or crumble quickly, the bristles fall out after only a few uses, and gunk often gets trapped between the bristles.
Transfer Pump
The hoses on the Pittsburgh Automotive Multi-Use Transfer Pump are too stiff and short and tend to explode off the pump during use. Also, the pump handle can pop off.
Star Bit Socket Set
The bits from the Pittsburgh ½-inch Drive Star Bit Socket often round off screws, snap off from the socket itself, and simply slide out of their sockets.
The set itself is missing a T47 and requires you to buy smaller bit sets to avoid rounding out bolts or sockets. The plastic rail is also tough to remove the sockets from.
Locking Pliers
The locking mechanism of the pliers in the Pittsburgh Curved Jaw Locking Pliers Set often fails, and the toothed metal jaws frequently smooth out as well.
Air Hose
The Merlin ⅜-inch x 25-foot PVC Air Hose’s packaging keeps the hose coiled even after months of use. The hose itself is very stiff, and connections require Teflon tape.