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10 Free Apps Every iPhone User Needs On Their Device
While Apple Maps and Google Maps feature local trails, the AllTrails app has over 400,000 trails worldwide and a difficulty rating system that includes elevation gain.
What really sets AllTrail apart is its friendly community, which is composed of approximately 60 million users, meaning you will find advice from more experienced hikers or bikers.
Apple may be behind in the AI game, but iPhone users can still get a sample of the experience with the Character.AI app.
The app introduces intelligent, made-up chatbot personalities that users can chat with on various subjects. The app lets users put up to 10 of these characters in a group chat.
Air pollution is a public health issue, particularly in large cities with dense traffic. Luckily, you can check your local air quality with the AirCare app.
AirCare uses data from your location and presents you with the AQI (Air Quality Index), pollen amount, and UV index once you open it.
Strava is one of the most popular fitness services among cyclists and runners. It helps increase your exercise intensity and achieve your goals sooner using competition.
Strava allows you to track any activity using your iPhone’s GPS and shows your results compared to other athletes who ran or rode the same path or an interval.
While the iPhone’s built-in Photos app provides a solid picture editing experience, those looking for even more features may want to try Google’s Snapseed.
The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface where you can access features such as adjusting curves, white balance, and enhancing certain parts of the photo.