Sanjiv Sathiah

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Sydney, Australia
Writing, Editing
  • Sanjiv had a global exclusive catching the original Samsung Galaxy Tab being caught testing in the wild.
  • Sanjiv most recently captured headlines on global tech blogs following the launch of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon when he independently analysed the data Apple presented to draw parallels between the performance of Apple's integrated GPU technology and the Sony PlayStation 5.
  • Sanjiv prides himself on writing that captures complex ideas such as the nature and functionality of computer CPUs and GPUs in a way that is accessible and meaningful to casual readers and enthusiasts alike.


Sanjiv has been writing about consumer technology for over a decade, including most recently with Notebookcheck. Platform agnostic, he loves trying and using devices running just about any OS.


Sanjiv holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree with a double major in Literature and Communications making him particularly adept and critical evaluation and detailed analysis. He also holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management that comes in handy when assessing the role and impact CEOs have on tech companies and their cultures.
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