Melissa Perenson

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San Francisco, CA
Haverford College, Columbia University
Laptops And Tablets, Phones, Cameras
  • Melissa has written about technology since laptops were more luggable than portable, hard drives were measured in gigabytes, and cameras were just 1.0-megapixels.
  • She's channeled her love of imaging into becoming a digital photography expert, covering everything from the best beginner cameras to hidden features of DSLRs.
  • Always eager to try out the latest technological innovations, Melissa has penned insightful features on the ways that new AI tools like ChatGPT and image generators are changing the modern world.


Melissa has worked as a writer and editor for over two decades. She was an editor at Forbes Vetted, PCWorld, and PCMag, and a freelance writer for countless publications — among them CNET, TechRadar, Tom's Guide, The Hollywood Reporter, SCIFI Magazine and now Alb Media. She loves writing product reviews since she can dig into how gear works and why it's relevant. Her favorite categories include mobile and creator tools, which together cover a range of products that help creatives produce their work. She also writes news, trends, features, and opinion pieces. As a frequent traveler, she has a particular penchant for all manner of mobile gear and digital photography, with expertise across a wide range of consumer tech and home entertainment categories. When not diving into the latest gear, she also works as a sports photographer, freelance book editor and storyteller.


Melissa has a bachelor's degree in political science from Haverford College, and a master's degree in technology management from Columbia University.
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