Jordan Wirth

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Phoenix, AZ
BYU Idaho
Consumer Electronics, Software And Apps, Gaming
  • Jordan owns multiple pairs of audiophile headphones, IEMs, true-wireless Bluetooth, and two bookshelf speakers.
  • He has built all his desktop gaming PCs, done all his device repairs, and daily-driven most major Linux distros.
  • He is a major proponent of open-source, privacy-respecting software.


Jordan has spent a lifetime tinkering with electronics and the software they run on, whether building a rocket launcher in his backyard in the '00s (with kid bottle rockets, of course) or using Gamemaker in middle school to craft 2D platformers. He pushes himself to use CLI more these days and still fruitlessly begs his friends to switch to Signal Messenger. As a privacy and open-source software enthusiast, he spent two years with a de-Googled Android phone (Lineage, anyone?) and a Linux-only home PC to prove a point. Every device he's ever owned has gotten jailbroken or upgraded at some point, such as recently cracking open his Steam Deck to add more storage and better thumbsticks. As a world traveler, he specializes in VPNs, finding workarounds to get U.S. e-sims internationally, and other tips and tricks for living abroad in the digital age. Jordan brings his patient enthusiasm when writing articles about the tech he loves.


Jordan has a bachelor's degree in English creative writing from BYU Idaho, and a minor in Russian.
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