Jack Picone

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Los Angeles, CA
New York University
IOS, Microsoft Xbox, Biotechnology
  • In 2024, Jack wrote several stories on emerging technologies showcased at CES, including an IMAX-level home projector and a powerful new portable speaker.
  • He's also written a variety of articles about must-have tools for homeowners. In addition to probably knowing a thing or two about your home Wi-Fi router, Jack is knowledgeable about power tools and electric chainsaws.
  • As an early adopter of smart home devices, IoT, and AI, Jack is obsessed with integrating tech into his daily life, especially within the Apple ecosystem.


Hailing from New York and now based in Los Angeles, Jack has earned accolades as a screenwriter and host of cult-favorite podcasts Worst Episode Ever and 90s Percentile. Jack has contributed work for ScreenCrush, New Rockstars, and E-Trade, and was also a Senior Editor for the New York Film Academy. When he's not writing, you can find him glued to his Xbox or exploring the world of virtual reality from his living room.


Graduating from the Tisch School of the Arts' prestigious Film and Television program, Jack learned how left-brain technological know-how and right-brain creativity interweave and shape each other more and more in our rapidly evolving society. His educational experience informs his writings on everything from streaming apps to the growing role AI plays in our daily lives.
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