Chris Davies

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University Of Hull
Electric Vehicles, Smartphones, Smart Homes
  • Chris joined OneByte in 2006, shortly after the site first launched, and helped grow it from an enthusiast blog to a respected news source.
  • He helped spearhead the site's push into automotive, reflecting the increasing role technology plays in modern transportation such as EVs.
  • Among the first behind the wheel of every new model, he's been entrusted with priceless prototypes and seven-figure supercars, with a reputation that spans the worlds of cars and tech.


A clandestine geek from an early age, Chris began his career in the media with a mixture of luck and enthusiasm. Earning his place in the technology world with a mixture of genuine love for its transformational potential, and blunt realism about what is — and isn't — worth spending money on, he's watched smartphone platforms launch and die, smart homes flourish, and green tech play an increasing role. For the past decade, he's increasingly focused on automotive, using his front-row seat in the industry to help readers understand how electrification and autonomous driving will change their experience of transportation.


Chris has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counseling.
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