Braden Carlson

Photo of Braden Carlson
Southern California
Wichita State University
Automotive Videography And Photography, Supercars And Sports Cars, Car Modification
  • Braden built a Volvo 740 station wagon with a huge turbo, custom engine harness/tune, and a six-speed manual transmission from a 350Z.
  • He's been behind the wheel of hundreds of cars ranging from old Volkswagen Beetles to 700 horsepower Ferraris.
  • Having owned nearly 50 cars, he's got in-depth knowledge of repairs and modification across all sorts of brands, with particular interest in Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche.


Braden started his automotive journalism journey with a personal YouTube channel highlighting the builds of his and his friends' cars in 2015. Having published a couple of articles in the past for other topics, he pursued writing about cars in 2018 and hasn't looked back since. Since the start of his writing career, he has produced hundreds of articles about the automotive industry as well as written and video reviews of cars from Miatas to Maseratis.


Braden attended a single semester of aerospace engineering classes at Wichita State University before dropping out after realizing he couldn't afford that degree financially or mentally.
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