Adam Doud

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Chicagoland, Illinois
Northeastern Illinois University
Mobile Devices, Laptops, Smart Homes
  • Adam created and ran the Authority Media Podcast network with three podcasts for two years.
  • Throughout his career, he has attended numerous industry trade events and device launches, including CES 2023.
  • He previously served as Interim Section Editor for two online publications: Digital Trends and XDA.


Adam has been a leader in the tech media field for over a decade, with bylines at a number of different publications. When he's not hosting the Benefit of the Doud podcast, he's busy getting his hands on as many phones, tablets, and laptops as possible. He regularly uses both iOS and Android (six-month rotation for each), and he fully embraces technology. He hasn't carried cash money since 2018, and pays for everything with his phone wherever possible.


Adam attended Northeastern Illinois University and earned his bachelor's degree in speech and performing arts with a minor in criminal justice, all of which shaped him into the fabulous writer you read today.
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